Make you Face Look Fresher with Wrinkle Treatment – Liposuction

Fight Against Ageging with Lipo Filling

Overview of own Fat Transplantation


Indications for SurgeryLoss of volume on cheeks, temples, etc.
Treatment Period 1 hour
AnaestheticGeneral anesthesia
Patient Stay Outpatient stay or one night inpatient stay
Inactive PeriodOne week for public appearances
Costs1.500 – 3.000 €
SportAfter four weeks

How does the Lipofilling Method Work?

Transferred own fat pads into the skin in the face, compensates lost, reduced volume and makes the face look fresher, healthier and more attractive.

The required fat is obtained by liposuction, i.e. gently sucked off at another part of the body, processed and injected under the skin.

This plastic procedure is an alternative to treatment with hyaluronic acid, can restore beauty and is one of the methods available for this purpose.

Causes and Mechanisms of Contour Disorders

When a person gets a little older, the composition and anatomy of the tissue changes.

In the face this means:

The skin becomes thinner, i.e. the collagen content decreases. The water content of the tissue decreases because the collagen of the skin binds less water.

The holding structures: ligaments and fasciae give way, i.e. the tissue gives way to gravity.

Fat tissue shrinks, decreases in volume

How can Skin Wrinkles have an Effect?

Thin skin gets more wrinkles and fine lines and is more sensitive, Tissue with lower water content becomes and appears less full, less “healthy”, less fresh.

If the tissues are not held in place, wrinkles, hanging cheeks, rings under the eyes form and the entire shape of the face changes. The face becomes and looks more bony.

The shape of the face changes, this becomes particularly noticeable in the mouth region and the lower jaw edge, because the upper and lower jaw become less prominent.

All these symptoms increase over time.

The Aim of the Treatment is to Achieve Beautiful and Long-Lasting Body Contours.

With such a treatment you can achieve:

The consequences of ageing become less visible, i.e. wrinkles and loss of volume. Wrinkle treatment and volume build-up are possible.

In addition, the face can be modelled specifically, e.g. by emphasizing the cheekbone region, in order to achieve an exotic expression: High cheekbones can be simulated, the entire shape of the face can be influenced.

Volume reduction can also be a consequence of medication: Patients with HIV infection lose fat in the face and look bony

Even in extreme athletes, the facial fat can disappear, making the face hard and unnatural: Own fat helps with this form of surgery.

Procedure of the Treatment

First, in a consultation, we explain exactly what can be achieved with the transfer of autologous fat and which facts are important. All questions about the method will be answered. The procedure takes place under anaesthesia.

The patient’s own fat is first gently removed from the body by suction. The extraction sites vary depending on the constitution, the abdomen and waist as fat pads are ideal.

After liposuction, the fat cells are gently processed and injected into the affected areas to be modelled and Lipofilling takes place.

It is slightly over corrected, because 20 – 30 % of the transferred tissue does not grow. Therefore, a second operation is always necessary, i.e. a second suction and transfer for post-modelling. The silhouette at the extraction site is also corrected by removing fatty tissue.

Keyword stem cells: With each fat transfer, the stem cells contained in the aspirated tissue are automatically transferred. They develop their positive effect in the target area. An enrichment of these cells is possible, but only takes place in the laboratory at great expense, which is not feasible in the clinic.

Follow-up Treatment

After the procedure, the patient can stay in our clinic, located in Germany or go home.
The face swells after the autologous fat transfer and bruises are possible. Decongestant medication and upright posture help to reduce the consequences that always occur.

Around 12 weeks after the operation, the final results of the procedure should be viable, a decision will then be made as to whether the goal of the procedure has been achieved or whether a further transfer is needed.

If the desired result is reached, this remains for many years.


The risk of infection is minimal.

Hardening and unevenness of the transferred fat are rare and are usually broken down. Part of the fat is absorbed (see above).

When is Surgery not Recommended?

If there is no fat to transfer, i.e. the patients are very thin, it is better to use hyaluronic acid to model the face.

Costs/Reimbursement by the Health Insurance Company

The costs are to be borne by the customer.