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Autologous fat transfer

When you get older, but also after weight losses, pregnancies or HIV medication, the distribution of the fat in your body might be subject to changes, especially in the face and breast. What can we do about it? We can transfer our own fat from one part of the boy to another, for example, from the abdomen to the face or breast. In this procedure, the fat cells are carefully taken, processed, and injected into the target tissue. Stem cells are invariably transferred as well. Skin aging might be associated with a loss of freshness and vitality of facial expression. Transferring one’s own fat cells is therefore an effective way to pad or augment sunken parts of the face, reshape facial contours harmoniously, and naturally enhance the lip volume. Breast enlargements are also possible by means of autologous fat transfers.


Autologous fat transfers have two advantages: The removal of fat from jodhpur thighs, the hips or the hypogastric region reduces these unpleasant accumulations. Concomitantly, the same material serves in reshaping and restructuring the actual problem zones. The advantage of autologous fat transfer is that the tissue cannot be rejected, as it belongs to you. The patient’s own fat tissue is taken by means of a special and careful liposuction technique. No artificial substances are thus brought into the skin. The fat tissue is then processed to clean it from watery and oily constituents and to concentrate and stabilize the viable fat cells. During the subsequent injection of autologous fat into the treatment area small proportions of fat tissue is distributed under the skin in multiple layers and channels. To this end, only extremely small incisions are made, which mostly leave no scars behind.

The autologous fat transfer produces an explicitly balanced -natural build-up of volume. Wrinkles disappear and the overall expression of the face appears younger, fresher and more vital. The injection of autologous fat merely tales one to two hours. Usually, two applications have to be carried out. Autologous fat can also be transplanted in conjunction with a liposuction. Treatment will be conducted by Prof. Frank W. Peter in the private clinic at Wittenbergplatz in Berlin.

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We are happy to help.