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Cosmetic breast surgery


Self-confidence and physical wellbeing always go hand in hand. The breast plays an important part in a woman’s body awareness and self-image. Plastic surgery provides a broad spectrum of treatments for you to feel well as a woman and bring body and soul in harmony. Breast enlargement is one of the most common esthetic operations in women. This is obvious as the breast as a trait of female sex is of great significance for a woman’s psychological wellbeing and sense of self-value. Too large, too small, sagging or asymmetrical breasts might be the cause severe emotional distress. Pregnancies, weight losses and congenital deficiencies might be the reason for the absence of esthetical female contours. At our clinic at Wittenbergplatz, we offer, apart from breast enlargement and reduction surgery, breast lifting revisions in case of unequal size and form, and breast reconstructions.

Breast enlargement

Small breasts can be enlarged and their form positively influenced by means of reshaping them with the insertion of implants. We will help you to strengthen your femininity and self-confidence.

Silicone implants

We use silicone implants for enlargement and shape correction. Some women are afraid that they might burst and leak. Such concern is nowadays unfounded because the highly modern implants from leading manufacturers are made with a more stable outer shell. On the other hand, the silicone is no longer liquid but has a gel-like consistency. Even if the shell is damaged the silicone would not leak out, because the gel is stable in itself and remains in the shell.

AAll other filling materials have either been taken off the market (soybean oil, hydrogel) or have extreme disadvantages. Silicone implants have been temporarily suspected to induce autoimmune diseases or cancer if the shell would break. As a result, leading professional associations predominately in the USA conducted large studies in which up to 50,000 test subjects were examined. All studies have disproved the suspicion.

Please find information about breast surgery with autologous fat transfer under minimally invasive procedures.

Risks of surgery

Despite numerous improvements to the benefit of the patients, surgical breast enlargements are not without risk. Apart from the general risks of surgery such as postoperative bleeding, infection, wound-healing disorders, there is a specific risk, namely the occurrence of capsular fibrosis. In this condition, a hard layer of connective tissue forms around the implant. Once this layer becomes extremely hard, it has to be removed by revision surgery. According to data of current research, the risk of such alteration lies between five and ten percent, at our hospital it is at only one percent. Under ordinary circumstances this removal is permanent, which means that the fibrosis will not reappear. The general risks of surgery are extraordinarily low at our clinic.

We look forward to advising you on the subject of breast enlargement at our clinic in Berlin.

Breast lift surgery

The breast tissue loses its elasticity in the course of years. The breast loses its form and firmness. Breast lift surgery lifts and tightens your breast gain and retains your female contours. The texture of your skin and glandular tissue is central to treatment. In a personal interview we will find the right method that fits to you.

We look forward to advising you on the subject of breast lift surgery at our clinic in Berlin.

Breast reduction surgery

There may be many reasons for deciding in favor of breast reduction surgery. A large breast often leads to headache, neck and back pain. To some women reducing the size of their breasts is an esthetical decision. The achievement of a harmonious relationship between body and breast size is the common goal. The necessary consequences of such an operation are scars which we will keep as short and as unobtrusive as possible.

We look forward to advising you on the subject of breast reduction surgery at our clinic in Berlin.

Corrections of unequal breast sizes and forms

Natural beauty also means symmetry. Our private clinic at Wittenbergplatz offers you the right solution to give your breast a natural symmetrical appearance. You will learn more about our successful treatment methods in a personal interview.

We look forward to advising you on the subject of correction of unequal breast sizes and forms at our clinic in Berlin.

Breast reconstruction

Breast amputation might be an effect of cancer. We offer various options to shape a breast which in its form and appearance comes very close to a natural breast. Together we will find the optimal solution for you in a personal interview.


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We are happy to help.