Reshape your face with Chin Correction and Chin Shaping

Don’t take it on the Chin – Chin Corrections

Overview of Chin Extension


Indications for SurgeryMalformed chin
Treatment Period One and a half hours
AnaestheticGeneral anesthesia
Patient Stay One night or outpatient stay
Inactive PeriodOne week
Costs2.500,- € for the operation
SportAfter two weeks

Does the Chin Reveal Character Traits?

Most people dream of having a well proportioned and shaped chin. If the chin is too pronounced, too prominent, it is also called a witch’s chin and associates the appropriate character traits with the person who has it, which is of course wrong.

If the chin is too flat, the face looks like that of a bird: Bird face
You don’t want that either.

Both conditions can be fixed with an operation, so that a correction can be achieved and the facial profile positively influenced.

Causes of an Unattractive Chin Shape

The causes lie in the shape of the facial skull and are therefore congenital.

The Chin gives the Face Profile

If there is too much chin, it protrudes beyond the upper and lower lip and is really prominent. The reason for this is that the lower jaw bone, the mandible, is too strong and usually there is also too much skin hanging downwards.

If there is no projection: the chin is fleeing, the mandible is underdeveloped, a chin reshape or enlargement will solve the problem.

The Aim of the Treatment is to Achieve a Beautiful Chin.

The goal is a harmonious contour of the chin that fits into the silhouette of the profile. There is an imaginary line for this, which should be approached by the treatment: forehead, upper lip white and chin should lie on a vertical line.

Procedure of the Treatment

With the under projection, the receding chin, the region must be padded, this is usually done with an implant. An incision is made under anaesthesia to expose the bone, the implant is adapted exactly to the desired shaping and inserted, thus achieving chin enlargement.

It is also possible to replace the missing volume with hyaluronic acid. In this case, the substance is injected into the area where the tissue is missing, just like in a wrinkle injection. This is a way to either simulate the outcome of the surgery or instead of the procedure if you are afraid of it.

If the chin is too prominent, the bone is exposed through an incision under anaesthesia, the excess removed with a chisel and the edges filed nicely round.

Follow-up Treatment

When our patients go home from the clinic and a harmonious profile is achieved, they get everything they need: Painkillers (little, it doesn’t hurt very much), my German mobile number (just in case), good advice and a check-up appointment.

After two weeks the stitches are removed, after three months the final result is achieved


In this region, the emotional nerve for the lower lip and lower cheek, a branch of the trigeminal nerve, runs: the mandibular nerve, this is avoided.

When is Surgery not Advisable?

Serious underlying diseases may prohibit the operation. Costs/Reimbursement by the Health Insurance Company As a rule, the costs are to be borne by the customer.