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Ear correction surgery

The ears might become an important issue very early in the life of a human being, more precisely, in the life of a child: “You got Dumbo ears! How ugly!” This and other mocking teases children with protruding ears are often compelled to hear and tolerate. Soothing words from parents will surely do well, but they won’t solve the problem.

The whole problem can be resolved forever and in an esthetically appealing way by means of an ear-pinning operation (otopexy).

Ear pinning before the first day of school

When should such an operation be done? Well, before the child’s first day of school would be the best in order to avoid the psychological stress at school. It is also possible at any later date.

How is the operation done? First of all, in younger years the little patient should be put asleep, i.e. be in narcosis. He wakes up when everything is over. Everyone stays calm.

Before surgery, we have to find out why the ears are protruding. Because there may be several reasons for this. Based on the outcome of this analysis, a therapy concept will be developed and then the therapy will be applied accordingly.

After surgery, as a child in narcosis, as a juvenile/adult under local anesthesia or narcosis, a headband must be worn or one to four weeks. It secures the result and compensates the restoration forces of the ear cartilage.

The operation can be done on an outpatient basis.

Then everything will be over and the mood will be lifted!

All types of malformation can be treated

There are also other ear alterations: Some parts may not be pinned, the entire ear may even be missing and/or only a piece of residual tissue is still there. Such congenital malformations can also be treated. Larger interventions in multiple/many steps will then be necessary.

We are happy to help!


We are happy to help.