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Eyelid lift surgery in Germany

If you meet a person you will look him in the eyes first. This look contributes to the first—good—impression, for which no one gets a second chance as we all know. Once the eye region starts to show the effects of aging, you will appear tired, sad or exhausted. This just does not have to be. Eyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty) is capable of repairing these alterations. The consequences of aging affecting the upper eyelids are called drooping eyelids, those affecting the lower eyelid bagging eyelids. At our hospital in Berlin we offer you effective surgical solutions. Afterwards you will look younger and fresher.

What happens to the upper eyelids?

The skin becomes wrinkled and lax in the course of aging. It may touch the lash line or droop over it and thus impair vision. Fat which surrounds the eye bulb only in youth, protrudes forward and reinforces the excess of upper eyelid tissue. This excess of eyelid tissues is removed by surgery and makes the lid fold visible again. Your eyes will shine again.

Occasionally the impression of drooping eyelids results from a drooping forehead, whereby the tissue exerts pressure on the eyelids from above. Then other surgical approaches will be advisable. We look forward to advising you when you visit Berlin what kind of eye surgery is appropriate in your particular case.

What happens to the lower eyelids?

The skin becomes wrinkled and lax here too, fat protrudes and causes lower eyelid sagging, which should actually be referred to as fat protrusion bags. Besides, they form an unpleasant groove at the transition between the lower eyelid and the cheek. The relatively new method of fat relocation is now available to correct this condition. It exploits the excess fat of the eyelid bags and relocates it into the groove, thus achieving two things at the same time: the elimination of both the eye bags and the groove. The exclusive removal of fat should belong to the past. In addition, the tissue of the lower eyelid will be tightened. We offer these kinds of eyelid tightening at our clinic in Berlin.

The operation

Corrections of the upper eyelid can be made under local or general anesthesia, whichever you prefer. General anesthesia is recommended in lower eyelid surgery because the operation is more sophisticated. We recommend that you stay with us for one night after surgery. Both operations can also be done in combination. After upper eyelid surgery you will be socially acceptable after one week, lower eyelid surgery will take two weeks.

Eyelid lifting in Berlin

A successful eyelid lift can give you a noticeably fresher and younger appearance. We look forward to informing you at our clinic in Berlin how we can lift your eyelids in particular and how the eye operation will proceed in detail.

Eyelid lifting can undo the changes of time.

We are happy to help!


We are happy to help.