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Facelift made in Germany

More and more people want to look as young as they feel. But with aging, the tissues lose their tension and elasticity . Not only the skin is affected by this process, but also the musculature, the connective tissue, and the fat tissue. Wrinkles begin to form, the muscles lose their dynamics. This is accompanied by the unpleasant redistribution of fat—double chin, chubby cheeks and a change in the shape of the face and neck come about. The face seems tired, the neck saggy. A facelift can correct this development and turn back the clock many years. For face lifts to be successful and produce a most natural result, the operation must take into account the physiological facts.

“Mini-lift” and “Soft-lift”

The often offered mini-lift and soft-lift merely retract the skin. After these pure skin tensioning operations the face will resemble a lifeless mask. In addition, the effects of this method are not of long duration. There are other and better methods of face lifting which we would like to explain to you in person when you visit us in Berlin.


In order to achieve an optimal, long-lasting and especially a natural result, a face lift has to treat all tissue layers affected by the process of aging, hence skin, muscles, fat, tendons and connective tissues alike. The tissue must be relocated to its original site in order to obtain a youthful appearance. Deep tightening and/or inner remodeling enable a fresh, youthful and naturally appearing face. The surgeon goes deep, augments the flaccid tissues and thus restores the youthful proportions of the face. This means that the skin is not tighten but smoothened if the facelift is done well and professionally. The facelift will restore the tension and dynamics of the musculature, the fat structured. You will look recovered—and not tightened. Profound tissue tightening will last lifelong and rejuvenate your face, neck and forehead distinctively.


The most complicated and differentiated face-neck lift has the following advantages: You will look natural, your individuality will be retained. In addition, it will last lifelong. Such a facelift will turn back the clock 10 to 15 years. The gain in time will last up to high age. However, the stability does not only depend on the skills of the plastic surgeon, but also on the tissue quality of the patient. A comprehensive analysis is therefore always required in advance to such operations.


It will take three to five hours and is proceeds under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes a cut at the hairline along the temples and the edge of the front ear and inside the ear. This makes it possible that the scar can be surmised to run directly in front of the ear. The cut then continues around the ear toward the neck. The scars are effectively concealed this way. Then the facial skin and fat layer are detached. The profound layer now exposed, the tissues covering the facial muscles, i.e. the SMAS, is modeled into shape and securely fixated with stitches. If necessary, excess tissue is used for modeling to level out sunken contours. The sides of the face are treated one after the other. At the end of the operation, the skin is smoothened, excess skin removed, and the wound margins sutured with material not visible from the outside. We look forward to discussing the further details of facelift surgery with you at our clinic in Berlin.

We are happy to help!


We are happy to help.