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Hair transplantation


Hair medicine and hair transplantation

Healthy and vital hair is important to our wellbeing and attractiveness. A competent treatment of hair problems is therefore all the more important. The modern method of autologous hair transplantation according to the Trichotransplant® concept achieves a permanent , completely natural increase of hair density in men and women.

The internationally experienced dermatologist and hair expert Dr. med. Andreas M. Finner will counsel you at his office about hair transplantation after hair loss.

Dr. Finner is our expert

In addition to dermatology, Dr. Finner has dedicated his clinically and scientifically work to trichology for over 15 years. The latter science is concerned with hair medicine and hair surgery. During this time, he has treated several thousand patients, among which were several thousand cases with hair problems. He is aware of the special role of beautiful healthy hair and vital hair roots for a person’s wellbeing, self-confidence and youthful appearance.

A dermatologist and specialist for hair loss (alopecia) and hair transplantation, he offers a scientifically substantiated diagnosis and treatment on university level with digital efficiency control. He exclusively recommends methods corroborated by studies, no dubious “hair treatments”. He wants to convince by means of serious, sustainable results , not by way of marketing or advertising. A trustful foundation and individual treatment concept can only be created by means of previous examination and a personal counseling interview with the specialist (no hair consultants, no impersonal clinic chains).

Hair medicine is an overall concept

As he is in command of all medical and surgical hair treatment options, he is able to select them decidedly for each individual and offer solutions “from a single source” in combination with intensive personal attendance and aftercare.

He carries out hair transplantation as sustainable hair restoration for men and women according to the Trichotransplant® concept which he developed himself. It relies on sustainably establishing a natural, individual-esthetical abundance of hair by applying hair-sparing micro-surgical techniques. His skilled team possessing many years of experience guarantees for a high quality level of in autologous hair grafting. The minimally invasive hair transplantation of several thousand single hairs and/or follicular units (FUE/FUT) proceeds under local anesthesia and will continue to grow lifelong.

But he is not only the hair expert, but as a dermatologist is able to early recognize and therapy scalp and dermatological problems with competence.

We are happy to help!


We are happy to help.