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Necklift surgery in Germany

If we encounter a person we will take notice of both his face and his neck. Interestingly, the neck will have the greater impact on our overall perception. In other words: an altered, aged neck will be more evident than the corresponding facial attributes. Particularly the loss of shape, which might even result in a turkey neck, and the absent delineation, i.e. the defined mandibular line, between face and neck are most noticeable to the eye.

This means that a well-shaped, youthful neck has a considerable influence on one’s visual overall appearance.

Surgical method

The necklift is therefore a common surgical intervention. It follows the same principles as a facelift. The decisive element is the profound tightening. It is not enough, and/or it is even wrong, to just pull on the skin. This produces an unnatural “surgical” result and moreover, the result won’t last: skin is not capable of absorbing tensile forces. It is not made for that. It will expand, and the previous condition is soon restored.

Decisive is the —strong tightening of the broad superficial neck muscle, the platysma. It has to be brought back into its former position, with strong sutures in the right places. The skin will be left over automatically at the end of the operation, the excess will just be removed.

A good, natural and sustainable result is obtained this way.


You will require anesthesia for such an operation, surgery will take two and half hours. You will stay with us for one night (we want to look after you).

After two weeks, at the latest, you will be presentable to society again. By that time the hematoma and the swelling will be gone. And you will be happy …

We are happy to help!


We are happy to help.