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Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery is a vast field and comprises reconstructions after injury, after tumor removal, in cases of hereditary malformations and acquired alterations.

What does the Klinik am Wittenbergplatz have to offer in this area?

Specialty: Reconstruction of burns

One specialty area of our reconstruction surgery after injury is reconstructions after burns. Through our help project placet: www.placet-berlin.de we continually have patients who have severe burns and suffer from the consequences: immobile joints, contractures, tumors, gripping and walking impediments, impaired nasal breathing as well as eating, disfiguration, etc.

By applying the entire spectrum of reconstructive surgery we are able to help persons affected to lead a life in autonomy and dignity.

Another issue affording reconstruction are tumors. Tumors must be removed and leave a defect behind. We are able to remove the tumor completely, have it histologically examined, and then close the “gap”. If the “gap” is localized in the face, the appropriate operations must produce an esthetically fastidious result. Coverages on other body parts might require comprehensive tissue grafting, i.e. “flaps”. Such operations are carried out in large hospitals which possess the necessary equipment including intensive medical care. We collaborate with the pertinent hospitals and transfer our patients to them.

Complicated reconstructions in large hospitals

Congenital malformations affect the ears (protrusions, incomplete development), the breast (not existent, much too large), the hands (supernumerary fingers [polydactyly], fewer fingers [oligodactyly], fingers fused together [syndactyly]. Help must be provided.

Acquired conditions might affect the body in all places: tumors, abdominal wall ruptures, etc.

We are happy to help!


We are happy to help.