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Scar treatment in Germany

There is no operation without scars, no injury without scars …

Unfortunately, that is the way it is, and always will be.

Actually, scars are a good thing: The body helps itself allowing an injury to heal up, so that a person survives, regains his health, and is able to take up previous activities again.

But: Scars might become thick and bulging (keloid), they might run across the middle of the face, become conspicuous and ugly, refer to past events no one should know about, or even impair physiological function, e.g. after burns.

Both the surgeon and the patient have an influence on scar formation

For the reasons mentioned the surgeon will try to keep the scars as inconspicuous as possible. He will operate carefully to limit the extent of internal injury. Scars will be kept as short as possible, cuts made “properly” and in inconspicuous places easy to conceal.

Ultimately, however, it depends on the patient how the scar heals. There are people who tend to keloid scar tissue formation, i.e. hypertrophic scars or keloids. Even repeated surgery can’t do anything about it … We have to talk about such personal dispositions in advance. People with a dark skin color have a higher disposition for such conspicuous scars.

What can be done about it? Yes, conspicuous scars can be revised and made less noticeable.

Conspicuous scars can be treated

If we know about the risk of conspicuous scars in advance we will inject cortisone into the scar tissue directly after surgery and in the course of the healing process. In addition, we would use silicone gel. Silicone gel is the only externally applicable agent whose efficacy has been proven. All other creams lack the evidence of their efficacy.

If the conspicuous scar has already formed, there will be various therapy options: laser therapy, surgery, and tattooing with skin-colored pigments. It depends on the existing scar type which method is the right one.

We are happy to help!


We are happy to help.