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Tumor surgery in Germany

Tumors develop when cells divide at a rate which exceeds the boundaries of normal ranges These cells proliferate and form a space-occupying lesion, the tumor. Cell proliferation can proceed in two ways: controlled or uncontrolled. In controlled proliferation, the tumor will grow only at the site of its origin and leave the surrounding tissue unharmed: In this case, a benign tumor develops. However, if it continues to grow and penetrates the surrounding tissues, i.e. destroys them and additionally forms secondary tumors, i.e. metastases, which in turn also destroy the tissues they attack, then a malign tumor has developed.

There are benign and malign tumors

In other words: The term “tumor” is neutral in its meaning and does not signify anything bad. Subsequently, we have to differentiate what kind of tumor we are dealing with, whether it is benign or malign.

Therapy of choice: Das Messer

Tumors are usually treated by means of removing them completely during surgery, i.e. they are excised. The knife is needed. If it is unclear what kind of tumor it is and/or if we are uncertain to have removed the entire diseased tissue, their microscopic structures will be examined, i.e. histologically analyzed under the microscope. From this analysis further recommendations can be derived, for example, new surgery, a subsequent resection.

In our clinic tumor surgery is at home

The Clinic on Wittenbergplatz is able to offer you tumor surgery. We are particularly competent in treating facial tumors and effects which result from such interventions, closing them with flap plasties, i.e. shifting of tissues. However. if the tumors are massive and malign we recommend other hospitals.

We are happy to help!


We are happy to help.